Dispute Resolution


re you in dispute with someone or a company?  Before you decide to take court proceedings against your opponent, or if you are being threatened with being sued, have you considered resolving your dispute through mediation or arbitration?

These methods of dispute resolution are usually a cheaper and speedier alternative to using the Courts.  Other advantages include being able to choose a Mediator or an Arbitrator who will decide your case, the confidentiality of all the proceedings (hearings are in private and the decision, or award, is also confidential) as well as being able to choose which law to apply in the case of arbitration, and even the language and location for hearings.   Any settlement reached at the mediation is binding and recognized by the Courts.  An Arbitrator’s award is final and can be enforced easily through the Courts.  There is a significant advantage in respect of cost and time because cases will normally be decided quickly and you will not need to engage Barristers to represent you in appeal hearings.

However, if the Court proceedings are inevitable, we are here to ensure the whole process is as stress free and cost effective as it can be.

Our dispute resolution department can represent you in all types of claims and litigation process, taking care of all the preliminary work and the hearing itself.