Services for Individuals


If you are looking to relocate to the UK or abroad, or intend to buy or rent a house or invest in property, our expert relocation team can help you with their unique, all-encompassing service.


Likewise, if you need to enforce your rights through the civil or employment courts, our lawyers are there for you.  During your first free meeting, we will discuss your objectives and desired outcome. All our efforts are then directed at not just reaching those objectives but also exceeding your expectations.

Our employment team can represent you in disputes with your employer. We have advised on compromise agreements and represented clients in disciplinary proceedings and employment tribunals.

Family Law

Our family law experts will guide you through the obstacles arising from family breakdowns and disputes involving children and finances. We can help reach practical solutions to emotional situations.

Personal Wealth

We are highly experienced in advising clients on wealth management, trusts, wills and relocation. We help clients with all levels of personal wealth organise and manage their assets.