Tax Law

Our highly experienced team of tax lawyers and support staff can help your company negotiate complex local and international, cross-border tax law and treaties

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Business Tax for Entrepreneurs
We advise on entrepreneurs’ relief and how to maximise the attractive rate of capital gains tax on the sale of shares or the disposal of assets.

Tax and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
We advise on IP asset taxation issues and the tax-efficient, international siting of IP asset ownership, and royalty payment routing.

Tax related to income extraction
We work with taxpayers on ways in which income can be extracted from the UK efficiently using dividends or interest payments.

International business
We can work with your advisers in non-UK jurisdictions or can introduce you to our specialist panel of taxation advisers based in many jurisdictions across the world.

Investor tax
We advise investors, and shareholders in UK companies on how to structure investments to qualify for beneficial tax regimes.

Share award tax
We advise employers and directors on the taxation of shares and securities received by virtue of employment.

Employment tax
We advise employees on taxation of payments received from their employers often on termination of employment. We deal with taxation of payments arising following death, disability, discrimination, injury to feelings and e qual pay claims. For internationally mobile executives we advise on exemptions from UK tax where payments relate to non-UK employment.

HMRC investigations
Our primary focus is to provide advice which limits the risk of an HMRC investigation taking place or being successful if launched. This includes advice on the documentary evidence which a taxpayer should put in place at the time a transaction is executed.